Libby Juror Questions Answered

The Libby jury deliberations continue with the jury asking a question about “reasonable doubt” which, as James Joyner notes, either “ain’t good news for Libby” or “they’re trying to come up with some sort of compromise among themselves.” Jeralyn Merritt posted the PDF version of the judge’s response to the question. Follow the coverage at the Scooter Libby trial feed at Media Bloggers.

Update: The jury has additional questions. Jeralyn Merritt has a good summary of today’s activity.

Update II: I found this comment at Just One Minute summed up my thoughts.

The jury is confused,the judge is confused,numerous legal buffs and intelligent observers are confused,even the MSM and the leftwing plankton are confused,has any other prosecutor ever vomited forth such a cat’s arse of a case?

Let’s put the responsibility for this debacle firmly where it belongs,Patrick Fitzgerald.Hopefully there will be a verdict soon.

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