Examples of Leftist Hate Speech

Patterico responded to a ridiculous claim that “hate speech” on the Right comes from its prominent representatives, while to find hate speech on the Left it is necessary to dig into anonymous blog comments by trolls, by posting his own list of hate speech from some prominent leftists. I don’t expect it took him too long to find suitable examples, but just to make it a bit more challenging he “deliberately excluded speech that simply brands conservatives as Nazis or fascists” and instead lists examples of racism and wishes of violence and death. That is probably a good idea since the Nazi/fascist references would have kept him busy for at least a week.

I had forgotten many of the quotes on the list and was a little surprised, even in light of the recent comments about Dick Cheney’s assassination attempt, to see so many death fantasies on the list. Patterico is inviting readers to add quotes he didn’t include in the comments section. There should still be plenty to fill his comments considering Michelle Malkin wrote an entire book on the subject.

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