Another Hillary Defection

Remember Greg Craig, the White House attorney who defended Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial? According to Robert Novak, Mr. Craig is supporting Barack Obama for president:

Greg Craig, a Washington super-lawyer with close ties to the Clintons, is supporting Sen. Barack Obama for President.

Craig was a White House special counsel defending President Bill Clinton in the Senate impeachment trial. A partner in the Williams & Connolly law firm founded by the legendary Edward Bennett Williams, Craig served as an adviser to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

In confirming to this column his Presidential preference, Craig called Obama unique and added: “I’ve never seen anyone who has made the impact on people and on me.” He said he was impressed with Obama when he first met him at the home of investment banker Vernon Jordan, an intimate friend and supporter of the Clintons.

First David Geffen and now Greg Craig. It looks like more and more people are starting to move away from the Clintons, who had for a long time been off limits for criticism by other Democrats.

This news comes on the heels of an MSNBC report that states the Clintons pressured the administration at Wellesly to suppress Hillary’s senior thesis from the public while they were in the White House. I’m with Captain Ed on this this one. It’s not the content of the thesis that’s of concern, as Hillary was just a college student when she wrote it, but that they used such strong armed tactics to keep it hidden from the public:

However, the thesis isn’t really the story. What’s news is the Clinton effort to hide the thesis, proving once again that the coverup is worse than the crime. The Clintons had no problem extorting Wellesley into hiding Hillary’s thesis, which makes one wonder what else the Clintons managed to bury during their two terms in the White House.

Hillary apologists have at times tried to distance themselves from the actions of Bill during the 1990s. This shows that the abuses of the Clinton years weren’t limited to the man from Hope.


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