Al Gore's Inconvenient Profit

Al Gore talks about global warming being a moral issue, but he conveniently forgets to mention that it’s a profit issue for him as well. While he’s preaching gloom and doom about global warming and how we must do something now to stop it, his company, Generation Investment Management, is making money when others pay GIM to invest their money in global warming fighting technology.

Anti-media makes an interesting point:

Imagine the president of General Motors flying all over the world trumpeting a new technology for transportation while he quietly buys more and more of the very stock that will dramatically increase in value through his efforts. Think anyone might be a bit upset by that? Imagine him getting an Oscar for his efforts!

This is breathtaking cynicism the likes of which has never before been seen in US politics.

Dan Riehl is commenting as well:

Gore’s company, GIM was specifically established to take financial advantage of new technologies and solutions related to combating Global Warming. The Global Warming crowd has told us that just recently new science emerged confirming the alleged fact that Global Warming is man made. So, ask yourself, why is it that Gore set up his Green money machine three years ago back in 2004? Is it possible Gore knew what the science would say before it was out? And even if not, can an individual who stands to make millions from Global Warming really be trusted as an honest broker on that topic? Talk about giving the fox the keys to the hen penthouse.

Even if Global Warming did exist, in principle, what’s the difference between war profiteering and this? One could justifiably argue that Gore is taking advantage of, in his opinion, a catastrophic situation to clean up – and I don’t mean the environment.

And take a look at this little nugget that I found on GIM’s site:

While we are still a small firm with only 23 employees, Generation is committed to reducing the energy use of operations, both direct and indirect. We do this by minimizing non-essential air travel and by managing our building operations (lighting, recycling, and procurement). We have also had conversations with suppliers about energy efficiency. For the remainder of our carbon footprint, we work with two offset providers (The Chicago Climate Exchange and the CarbonNeutral Company) to ensure our London and Washington D.C. offices are fully carbon neutral. In addition, Generation has sponsored a full energy efficiency audit for each employee’s residence, including suggestions for ways they can make home energy improvements.

All the while, Gore’s home in Nashville uses twice as much electricity in one month than the average home does in an entire year.

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