The Wilson-Plame Movie

That poor Valerie Plame and her bashful husband. They really just want to be left alone. I guess that is why they have now sold their “life rights” to Warner Brothers. The movie will depict the victimization of Plame by the evil Bush administration.

Jerry and Janet Zucker, who got to know Plame and Wilson because all four are involved in stem cell politics, said that the fate of the book won’t determine the fate of the film.

“Almost everything that we need for the movie is available from print outlets, and obviously we haven’t read the book yet because it hasn’t been approved by the CIA,” Jerry Zucker said. “Valerie has been incredibly careful with what she tells us, it’s almost like she is still working for the CIA. The biggest element of the movie to us is the story of two people who spent their lives in service of their government, and were then betrayed by that government.”The Variety piece also says Plame’s story was “illegally leaked by the White House.” Maybe the movie will include the prosecution of that illegal leak we have yet to see.

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