Glenn Beck: Mexico Should Compensate US for Cost of Illegals

This is a good idea actually. If the Mexican government is going out of its way to make sure their citizens successfully sneak into this country illegally, then it should foot the bill for these folks when they’re caught and incarcerated. Glenn Beck discussed his idea on his show last night. Here’s the transcript:

BECK: I hate to end your night this way, because I know you`ve had a tough day. I`ve got a story that is so disturbing on so many levels.

It starts with a woman. Her name is Nicole Uribe-Lopez. She`s a Mexican mother who was in this country illegally.

Then there`s also a Colorado couple. They were all arrested Tuesday for the alleged sale of a 5-month-old baby boy. The illegal immigrant reportedly sold the baby to the couple for $1,500. Then she used $500 of that as a down payment on a car. The child is now in custody of the Department of Social Services.

Here`s the point tonight. Let me speak right directly to Mexico. Hey, Mexico, America has enough home-grown scum bags. We don`t need any of yours coming here illegally.

I am sick and tired of sending illegals back to Mexico when you know they`re just going to come in again, sometimes with the help of the Mexican government, over and over. I mean, it`s the definition of insanity.

I suggest a new tack. We incarcerate those people here and, Mexico, we`re going to start sending you the bill.

Here`s how I got there. Story of this mom is sad. It is tragic. It is despicable. She says she left Mexico for a better life here. Start the violins. She left her children behind just to come here to make some money for them to live. That`s what she says.

Now, I don`t want to judge her on that. Maybe all of that is true. But somewhere along the way her story went horribly awry. And she`s making it with some guy. She gets pregnant, which is always a great idea for any struggling single mother.

And then she decides, hey, you know, I need a new car. I mean, why not sell my newborn baby for 10 grand?

Of course this poor, young, Hispanic woman was taken advantage by an evil couple, who bargained her down to $1,500 before they got caught. We`re not even sure about their immigration status. But why would that surprise anyone? Nobody knows who`s in our country anymore.

Yes, it`s just another tender and lovely story which should end with all of them in jail for a very long time. Baby selling is a felony, and it`s one law, fortunately for us, at least at this point our leaders have decided to enforce.

I am so tired of hearing about the poor people trying to make ends meet. That excuse, I`m done with it. Look, if you`re poor and you want to come here, we welcome you. Just do it the right way. Come through the front door.

But if you`re somebody who wants to sneak in here illegally, work some, have sex some, have babies a little, and then sell them a lot, sorry, all full up.

Trust me, there are plenty of scum bags who were born and bred here. We really don`t need anymore scum bags, thanks.

Right on, Glenn.

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