How can we miss them if they won't go away?

One of the hallmarks of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for coronation the presidency has been her demands that she not be held accountable for any of the misdeeds of her husband’s tenure, while reaping the benefits that might be derived from the good parts. And for some reason, a lot of people seem willing to indulge her.

For example, the other day Kevin pointed out that Hillary’s “general counsel” is a former staffer of her husband’s who was — as Kevin so nicely put it — “knee-deep” in most of his scandals.

For another example, I happen to be on Hillary’s mailing list. (I have no idea how I’m considered a “friend of Hillary’s,” but if they want to keep giving me ammunition, I’ll keep shooting it.) In the last week or so, I’ve gotten e-mails from James Carville, Madeleine Albright, and Bill Clinton himself (twice!!) touting how wonderful Hillary would be as president.

If she wants to fill her campaign with these worthies, then I think that it’s fair game to bring up their past accomplishments — Ms. Albright’s in particular.

(See below the fold for Ms. Albright’s missive, and a rather appropriate video)

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Dear Friend,

I’ll never forget that moment in 1995 when I watched Hillary Clinton stand up in Beijing and declare that “women’s rights are human rights.” In front of the whole world, Hillary spoke out for every woman who suffered from inequality, injustice, and repression. Every person in the hall knew she was making history. Her act of courage still reverberates through women’s lives.

I’ve known Hillary for nearly 20 years. I’ve stood side-by-side with her as she took on the fight for women’s rights at home and abroad, and let me tell you: no one will stand up for all of us as she will. She is the experienced leader this country needs.

Over the years, I have seen Hillary’s deep commitment to improving the lives of women and children. Now it is time for us to show our commitment to her. Will you join me in supporting her campaign’s “One Week, One Million” effort?

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I remember what it was like to be the first woman secretary of state of this country. Have you seen the look in the eyes of young women at Hillary’s campaign rallies? Can you sense the thrill that comes with knowing their first vote in a presidential election could elect America’s first woman president?

And what a remarkable woman we’re putting forward into this historic moment: strong, smart, experienced, and deeply committed to the values you and I share.

The very first day of her presidency, Hillary will transform America’s role in the international community because of the deep admiration she has long enjoyed on the world stage. She will restore the respect that is the foundation of our alliances and the source of our strength.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Don’t stand on the sidelines as Hillary walks through the critical early weeks of her amazing journey.

Support Hillary’s “One Week, One Million” campaign right now.

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Thank you so much for acting early to get Hillary’s campaign — and America’s future — moving forward.


Madeleine Albright

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