A shameful musical confession

I have to confess something.

I like Christina Aguilera.

Well, not personally. She turns me off, a little. Hell, one of my first caption contest winners was when I labelled her “The Bride Of Skankenstein.”

But damn, the woman’s got pipes.

I have a fondness for her type of voice. Strong women, with a bit of roughness to their tone, kick the crap out of the “pretty” voices. Aguilera, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Pink, Sheena Easton, Annie Lennox — those are the singers I like to hear.

And now Aguilera’s done it again, and this time she’s hitting me where I live.

I’ve always been a World War II buff. It’s my favorite era of history to read about.

Well, Aguilera’s taken her own riff on that time, and answered the question no one ever even though t to ask:

“What would happen if Busby Berkeley were to put together a bit featuring a singer with a huge voice and an appetite for raunch?”

It might look a little bit like this.

(And yes, Aguilera is all three singers — the blonde, brunette, and redhead.)

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