Time To End The Democrats' Free Ride

This column from David Limbaugh sums up what I feel about the current debate over Iraq.

For liberals like Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne, it is far worse for Vice President Dick Cheney to accuse congressional Democrats of playing into Al Qaeda’s hands on Iraq than for Democrats actually to play into Al Qaeda’s hands on Iraq.

It’s perfectly fine for liberals to liken Bush and Cheney to Adolf Hitler or falsely accuse them of lying us into war in Iraq to steal its oil. It’s perfectly fine for liberals to attribute failures in the federal response to Hurricane Katrina to alleged Republican racism.

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney prepares to board his plane as he departs Sydney Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007. Cheney’s plane from Sydney landed in Singapore on Sunday, but officials said it was a scheduled refueling stop and that the plane was not diverted. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

But don’t you dare question the wisdom of the Democrats’ proposals on Iraq in such a way as to cause the hypersensitive to infer you were challenging their patriotism.

Apparently to Dionne and other like-minded liberals, the potential dire consequences of the Democrats’ policies on Iraq are not appropriate for discussion and debate because they might make Democrats look bad, or even feel bad — and those are far worse evils than throwing our national security in the toilet. If you have not already read it, be sure to read Jay Tea’s related thoughts on opposition to the surge. I agree with David and Jay and I think a lot of others are getting tired of tip-toeing around it, too. Some of the anti-war, anti-surge debate has been anti-American, and as Jay put it, “craven,” and it is about time to call it like it is.

Update: Spiritbuilders blog notes some ulterior motives from some who say their goal is to support the troops. From quotes in this post, Washington Post’s Dana Priest seems more concerned with scooping the competition than the conditions in military hospitals and in this post a tactic of some on the left is summarized.

“We really, really support the troops. We said it in our resolution. You (the administration) obviously hate them as you treat them like crap. We just want our beloved soldiers to come home.”

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