Listen to your mother

I’ve often cited Meryl Yourish as my “blog-mother.” Hers was the first blog I ever read, discovered while looking for stuff about an author we both greatly appreciate. (Never mind his politics.) From her I discovered Little Green Footballs, Laurence Simon (then Amish Tech Support, now Is Full Of Crap), and finally Wizbang, where I parlayed winning caption contests into being head inmate of this asylum.

Anyway, I never forget my roots. I owe Meryl for cluing me into the blogosphere (so now you know who to blame), and I still read her daily (or more often).

Over the last couple of weeks, Meryl (who, by the way, is not just Jewish, but fiercely so) has had a new hair across her butt. She’s been noticing that more and more mainstream accounts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been playing up the Muslim aspects of the region, while minimizing the Jewish historical ties.

It struck me as a bit silly, but then today I see this piece in the Boston Globe.

Buried in the midst of the “the world would be such a nicer place if they’d just talk to each other” routine BS, one passage almost slipped past me. But thanks to Meryl, it leaped off the page:

Last week, the bad news of Jerusalem centered on an Old City ramp up to the sacred precinct that Muslims revere as Haram al-Sharif and that Jews call the Temple Mount.

Let me repeat that, with a bit of emphasis:

Last week, the bad news of Jerusalem centered on an Old City ramp up to the sacred precinct that Muslims revere as Haram al-Sharif and that Jews call the Temple Mount.

The media always insists on calling that spot “the third holiest site in Islam,” but never point out that it is the FIRST holiest site to Jews. If anything, they will make reference to the holy status of the Western Wall, not mentioning that the Jews would prefer to revere the whole site of their ancient Temples, but they’re blocked from setting foot on that ground. (Some say that Jews are theologically banned from doing so anyway, but the Muslims up there enforce that ban against all Jews, for their own purposes.)

This is just more reinforcing of my earlier conclusion that Islam is like AIDS: once an area has been touched by Islam, it is forever Islamic and there is no going back. It is a common point made by Islamists; they say that they just want “their land” back, but by that definition they want a good chunk of southern Europe (“El Andalus,”) and they are making strides towards colonizing portions of Western cities (witness Detroit and “Londonistan”).

So the Jews built their most sacred Temple in Jerusalem, had it destroyed by the Babylonians, built a second Temple there, and had that one destroyed by the Romans, and plan to build a third one there once their Messiah returns. Big deal. What really matters is that, according to some fragment of a legend, Mohammed made a pit stop there on his way to tour Heaven. (Never mind that “Jerusalem” is not mentioned once in the Koran.) Because the Muslims conquered the city long ago and build some mosques on top of it, the Jewishness of its history are now irrelevant — that makes it Muslim now and Muslim forever.

And the rest of the world, afraid of hurting feelings (or, more likely, afraid of ending up like Theo Van Gogh or a Danish cartoonist), just plays along with this obscenity.

Winston Churchill, as he did so very often, captured the attitude perfectly:

“An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.”

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