Ugly Betty isn't just Ugly. She's ignorant, too

America Ferrera, star of ABC’s Ugly Betty, presented an award at the Spirit Awards yesterday and remarked that America won’t be the land of the free until Bush’s term is over. Here’s the transcript, via NewsBusters:

Zach Braff: “You know America, here’s a little interesting tidbit you probably don’t know about me. My middle name is Israel. We’re both named after countries. ”

America Ferrera: “Wow, that is interesting.”

Braff: “So do you think that you have any traits in common with the country that is your namesake?”

Ferrera: “Well, you know, I mean I guess I’m a free-spirited person and America’s supposedly the ‘land of the free,’ right?”

Braff: “Well, I guess.”

Ferrera: “Or at least we will be in 2008.” [loud applause] Well how about you, Zach, I mean do you have anything in common with Israel?”

Braff: “Let me see. Well, I’m predominantly Jewish, I’m very hot and all of my neighbors hate me. So yeah.” [audience laughter]

She doesn’t seem to know that Bush’s term ends in January 2009, so she’s going to have to suffer being oppressed for a little longer.

I have been a fan of Ugly Betty and even have a season pass for it on my TiVo, but America Ferrera just had to open her mouth and ruin the show for me. Now whenever see her as Betty Suarez, I’m going to think of her ignorant remarks. Nice job, Ms. Ferrera.

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