Obama – What is wrong with the Republican Party?

When Barrack Obama announced his Presidential candidacy in Springfield, I had the particular misfortune of watching Howard Fineman, the extremely liberal commentator on MSNBC, compare the Illinois Democrat to Abaham Lincoln. As Lincoln united America, Fineman gushed, Obama can unite the world.

A column today in Boston Globe today compares Obama to Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.

The editorialist at the Globe reveals just how over the edge he is when he states: “The Bush administration has collapsed on so many fronts that Republican officeholders up for re election will be torn between saving their own necks and remaining loyal to the hard-core base. Eight or nine Republican Senate seats could be at risk.” Apparently the booming economy and peace with North Korea constitute collapse?

In any event, however, for two years, the Republican Party has let Obama receve fawning coverage by the media. No Presidential candidate of either party has ever feted like Obama. Lincoln? Jefferson? FDR? RFK? Martin Luther King, Jr? Many conservatives, with their myopic view of politics and policy, view Hillary Clinton as the greatest threat to the Republican Party. It’s utter nonsense. Clinton would raise lots of money, but it’s hard to see her assembling 270 electoral votes.

Unlike John Kerry, Obama does not have a liberal record of 20 years to attack. Unlike Al Gore, it will be hard to portray him as wooden. Obama will receive press coverage that will make that of John F. Kennedy seem critical in comparison. Republicans need to wake up, drop their defeatist attitude, and start demolishing the Illinois Democrat before it’s too late.

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