Bob Woodward Says What the Dems and Media Refuse to Acknowledge

NewsBusters has a great post (link via Lucianne) that outlines Bob Woodward’s comments to Chris Matthews on Iraq War. He stated what no one else in the media wants to acknowledge: that the war in Iraq is as much the Democrats’ war as it is the Republicans’ and Bush’s. Check this out. First Bob said this:

One of the things that we forget as we’re caught in the heat of the current debate: this is a legal war. The Congress three to one in 2002 said, gave Bush the right to go to war. He decided to do it. So, you know what really amazes me is that Bush, and Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid don’t get together and say, “We’ve got to come up with a bipartisan strategy and consensus on this.” We’re all in to a certain extent in this war. And we owe it to the troops.

I really appreciate Bob’s comments but Pelosi and Reid don’t seem to care about the troops. If they did they certainly wouldn’t cut the funding that supports their efforts in Iraq.

NewsBusters also includes this interaction between Woodward and Matthews:

Woodward: If everyone’s thinking about politics and not the troops on the ground. Those people are our surrogates, and we owe them everything, and we can’t even reach political consensus in this country.

Matthews: But what happens when you have a country that is so divided if you just poll regular people about this war, so much against this war, but yet the commander-in-chief is for the war. How do you reach a consensus between a majority who don’t want the war, and a president who wants one? How do you do it?

Woodward: I think that people have to rise above politics and party here. And, think, I’ve talked to these people who have come back from Iraq, and in communication with some there, and they wonder: “What the hell is going on in America? What? You know, we’re here, they sent us here. And we’re talking about cutting off funding.”

Pelosi, Reid, Murtha and most of the other Democrats are concerned only with politics and their party. They are working to undermine the war and our troops, ignoring the possibility that their actions could lead to catastrophic consequences in the region, because they believe failure in Iraq will give them the political advantage in 2008.

As Woodward acknowledged on Matthews’ show, the Democrats voted for the war when the majority of Americans were for it as well. Now that popular opinion has shifted against the war, the Democrats can’t retreat from their votes fast enough. They stand on their soap boxes, and with an attitude of self-righteous indignation, they call to cut off funding for Bush’s “unjust” war.

Their efforts to undermine their own country’s foreign policy shows how far they are willing to go to maintain control in Washington, even if it means selling out anything and anyone in the process.

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