Jennifer's new secret exposed

A while ago, I wrote about one Jennifer Stevanovich, a Massachusetts woman who scored over $100,000 in state aid while living the life of Reilly. Well, the live Reilly would live if he was a high-volume, high-end, professional shoplifter.

When the state was done with her, they took away a bunch of her stuff and stuck her under “house arrest.” They let her keep her luxury SUV and a few other trappings, though.

So, what’s a person to do to support themselves under such circumstances?

In Jennifer’s case, it appears the answer was “start a franchise business.”

She rented out her SUV to a couple of colleagues, who went on their own “shopping spree” on both sides of the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border, collecting roughly $3,500 worth of merchandise on the “five-finger discount plan.”

Well, the young franchisees are behind bars, and Jennifer’s in trouble again.

Maybe this time they’ll actually lock her up for a while.

Or, more likely, she’ll get another slap on the wrist. This IS Massachusetts, after all.

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