Headline Of The Day – Get A First Life Edition

John Edwards goes for the critical flying penis vote

Fark, linking to Wonkette, who links to a ZDNet story about the John Edwards campaign outpost in the virtual world Second Life. The “flying penis” reference is to this interview with virtual world magnate Anshe Chung which was repeatedly interrupted by animated flying penises.

Bonus Quote: From the original source – Second Life New:

There are other issues that Rote and the Edwards campaign staff believe will translate well to the virtual world of SL. “Homelessness is another big [issue],” Rote commented. “We can use SL to bring attention to the problem of homelessness in America, maybe by giving away virtual homes to residents. It’s a way to engage people and make them consider real problems in a fun way without making light of the seriousness of the problem.”

Did I mention how much I’m looking forward to the primary season?

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