Truthout: out of truth, out of clues

Some of you may recall’s moment of glory of last year. They had highly confidential sources who revealed that Karl Rove had been secretly indicted in the Valerie Plame leak scandal, and was due to be “frog-marched” out of the White House any day now.

Of course, “any day” turned out to be the 12th of Never, and they ended up with egg all over their faces.

That’s not really fair. To eggs.

Truthout ended up stepping a big, wet, stinking, sticky dog turd in both their bare feet.

But somehow, they managed to survive, and even maintain their presence. I don’t think it really hurt their credibility, though. Those who gave them credibility didn’t let this hurt their faith in the least, and those who actually had a clue didn’t give them any credibility in the first place.

Well, it appears that their cluelessness doesn’t just revolve around politics.

They also run a daily newsletter. Subscribers get the latest breathless “news” and “analysis” straight from the horse’s mouth asses that run

Well, a few weeks ago, some kind soul decided that I was just the kind of person who needed to have their fresh, steaming turds dumped in my e-mail box every day, so they signed me up.

(I’m no stranger to list-bombing attacks, and have learned a few things.)

Naturally, truthout did what any responsible e-mail list maintainer would do: they sent me a confirmation e-mail, making sure I really wanted their news.

Whoops, my bad. That’s what people with CLUES do. These morons just started crapping in my inbox on a daily basis.

So I wrote to them a fairly polite note informing of their broken subscription model. This was their response:

We have received your request for removal from the Truthout mailing list.

Every Truthout newsletter you receive by email contains a convenient remove link. Simply open that newsletter email, scroll to the bottom and hit the link. This will open a personalized email. Hit “Send” and you will be automatically removed from the list.

Thank you,
Truthout List Administration

Translation: we don’t give a rat’s ass that our system is broken. If you don’t want us to continue crapping in your box, click on OUR link in OUR spam and do it OUR way, or suck it up. Sending us direct complaints won’t achieve squat.

My response:

Dear idiot:

I did not ask to be removed, I asked how I was subscribed in the first place. But considering how clueless you were in the first place in not bothering to verify signups, I should not be surprised that you’re equally idiotic about dealing with victims of list-bombing.


Their answer to that? Not a damned thing, but more spamming.

I’ve always believed that when life hand you lemons, you make lemonade. So here’s the bright side of things:

Truthout, being flagrantly stupid, hysterically wrong, and just plain annoying, is also quite willing to be a part of list-bombing attacks. So I think I’ve found the win-win scenario here:

Anyone who feels like annoying someone else, sign them up for the daily spam newsletter here. You win, because you annoy someone safely (truthout doesn’t log IPs, apparently). Truthout wins, because they have another “subscriber.” And the victim wins, because who couldn’t love Truthout’s little breathless exclamations? “True believers” will rejoice in the affirmation, while those with even the slimmest grasp of reality will get a laugh at their expense.

And if they don’t like it, they can just click on the link and unsubscribe. After all, it’s THEIR damned fault for letting themselves be signed up in the first place, so they should have no problem jumping through Truthout’s hoops and begging “pretty please, with sugar on top, stop bothering me.”

Of course, this requires them to disobey every sensible ISP’s advice to “never ask to be taken off any list that you didn’t ask to be put on in the first place,” but if you can’t trust clueless, shameless, fraud-peddling moron leftists to do the right thing, then who can you trust?

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