Tornadoes Ravage New Orleans – Again

I’m beginning to think we ticked somebody off….


First the Corps of Engineers destroyed 85% of the city – with an assist going to Katrina in the box score. Then we had The Fires… Then came the Tornadoes ripping up things all over town. All that was followed by KILLER BEES.

Now MORE tornado(es) have touched down in New Orleans cutting a 4-5 mile swath through the already hurting city.

(Early reports indicate…)
One woman was killed and her daughter severely injured when their FEMA trailer was picked up and thrown hundreds of feet. A hotel in Westwego had the roof torn off and the walls collapsed. – Amazingly no one in the hotel was reported killed.


The tornado(es) started on the Westbank of the Mississippi River then crossed the river, going through the Carrollton area, thru Gentilly and to the lake. Dozens of schools are closed, apparently (still early reports) hundreds of homes where damaged or destroyed and 22,000 are without power.

Injury counts are harder to get because we lost 6 (or was it 8?) hospitals in Katrina so people have to be transported to outlying areas for medical attention.

WWL TV has more including video.

Just another day in paradise.

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