Barack Obama Says Lives of US Troops killed in Iraq were Wasted

As a family member of a fallen soldier in Iraq, I can’t imagine a presidential candidate saying anything more callous, more offensive, or more ignorant of the ultimate sacrifice that our brave troops have made for us and our country.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: Obama clarified his statement after being hammered:

He hastened to say yesterday that he did not mean to disparage the troops’ sacrifice.

“It is not at all what I intended to say, and I would absolutely apologize if any [military families] felt that in some ways it had diminished the enormous courage and sacrifice that they’d shown,” said Obama, who hit the stump in New Hampshire the day after Clinton finished a two-day swing in the early primary state.

“What I would say, and meant to say, is that their service hasn’t been honored, because our civilian strategy has not honored their courage and bravery and we have put them in a situation in which it is hard for them to succeed,” Obama said after speaking to voters at the home of a state representative in Nashua.

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