Libby Update

I don’t have a clue what the jury in the Libby case will do. Heck, I was shocked when the OJ jury acquitted and from the sound of how things went during jury selection, I guess it is possible this jury could be just as biased against Libby as the OJ jury was biased in his favor. If I were going strictly on what I have read in the blogs, even in some of the liberal blogs, that have covered the trial, I would have to say the prosecutor’s case has fallen apart. I have not been in the courtroom, however, so I don’t have a feel for things. I don’t know what kinds of faces the jurors are making in reaction to witnesses, or what kind of impact various lawyers or witnesses might be having on them. We won’t know for sure until a verdict is rendered, but judging strictly on the strength of the case being presented, it appears the prosecution’s case is not going so well.

The Russert debacle seems to me most damaging to the prosecution’s case, but not being there and not following as closely as so many others are, I may be wrong. Read some of the reports and decide for yourselves:

Fitzgerald’s Disaster: Wilson Outed Plame by A.J. Strata.

The Latest Twists In the Plame Case from Curt at Flopping Aces.

A roundup from Mary Katharine Ham which includes this list of 25 Lingering Questions.

Here is the latest from Clarice Feldman blogging at Just One Minute.

PostWatch has more on media coverage.

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