Russert Has Credibility Problems Exposed During His Libby Trial Testimony

Cross examination of Tim Russert during the Libby trial revealed some interesting (and troubling for Russert) information.

In sum, Wells established that (a) the FBI report of his conversations (they say he had two, he only recalls one) made far closer in time to the event indicate he conceded that Ms. Wilson’s name may have come up in their conversation though he earlier discounted that as “impossible” (b) In a heated matter involving the Buffalo News, his own memory was faulty. He’d made two angry calls to a critical reporter, denied that he had, and then, after checking his phone records, apologized, asserting he had no memory whatsoever of the calls, and (c) while making an impassioned plea for the right of reporters to protect the confidentiality of sources, he’d already twice discussed the Libby exchanges with the FBI and failed to disclose that to the Court or the public.

From a filing by the prosecutor last evening trying to block inquiry into the accommodations made to Russert for his (total of 22 minutes) deposition testimony in his lawyer’s offices, it appears that while this last point was not specifically noted in any pleadings I can see, the defense was provided with the FBI notes which provided some notice to them of the discrepancies in the NBC public pleading and that it contained a false suggestion that Russert had not already cooperated with the government. It is not clear that this Court, or the Court which determined the related case on the reporters’ obligation to testify, was ever informed that the Russert filing was false.
Read all of Clarice Feldman’s report, which includes details of the testimony, at The American Thinker. Link via Lucianne.

Update: If not for Clarice Feldman, Tom Maguire, and some conservative (and even some liberal) bloggers Bob Cox was able to get credentialed, we might not know what was really going on in the Libby trial. We certainly would not know if we were only reading the Washington Post.

Update II: Here is an AP story that reports some of the problems with Russert’s testimony.

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