The Snickers Ad Is Gone For Good

Protests against the makers of Snicker (Mars, Inc.) lead by John Aravosis at AMERICABlog, and organizations such as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Human Rights Campaign have resulted in the popular Super Bowl commercial being shelved – permanently. If you missed it you can watch it below.

Not particularly funny or clever, but hardly objectionable, right? Well it turns out there were three alternate endings for the commercial (Love Boat, Motor Oil, and Wrench), all of which were once available at

The problems stemmed from the “Motor Oil” and “Wrench” versions of the ad which they claimed send the message that the appropriate response to a male/male kiss is suicide (drinking motor oil) or gay bashing (beating each other with a wrench then a car hood). They’re also upset about the reaction videos featuring Bears Players and Colts Players.

This is hardly the only controversy from this year’s Super Bowl – the GM robot suicide dream ad, the Prince half-time show, and even the Blockbuster mouse ad (OK, so that last one’s a joke), but the Snickers ad does have the distinction of being the first of this years ads to be deep sixed.

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