The Laws of Grace

Men generally do not like rules and laws and ordinances. Sometimes this is because those laws and rules are unreasonable or unjust, but sometimes it is because Man is unreasonable and unjust. So, at some point we all break the law. If not the statutes enacted by Man, we certainly break trust with God.

Yet God is kind to us. Every day we receive renewed life and strength, every day we receive a thousand blessings most of us never notice. Even though there is a final justice to be answered for everything we do, yet even that is held in abeyance, to allow repentance and redemption. And to allow those who will scorn even the last chance at hope the opportunity to enjoy what blessings they will accept from the Lord, however ungraciously.

When we are redeemed, those of us who shall accept that gift, we are redeemed by God Himself, and through no merit of our own. Even those few good things we do, are only possible because God gave us the power and opportunity and motive to do them, so at best we sometimes do what we were meant to accomplish, and only sometimes. We are sporadic in joy.

Yet even that is a beginning, and God delights in being good to us, and in leading us to our best hope. So while we all who love God wish to obey His laws, it is ultimately a different set to which we align our lives. While the material man struggles to comply with requirements and conditional behavior, the man in Grace simply lives in joy and grateful thanks. We cannot do better than serve God with the same delight He has in us, and to reflect that joy to our fellow human wherever we find them.

A rather graceless message from the guy whose prayers begin "to whom it may concern..."
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