Salon Reporting that Edwards Has Fired Bloggers

The Anchroress links to this Salon story reporting that John Edwards’ campaign has fired the two bloggers recently hired to work for his presidential campaign.. The Salon report says the bloggers were fired, but also includes this quote from Jennifer Palmieri saying she would “caution [Salon] against reporting that they have been fired. We will have something to say later.” I will update as new information is available.

For background on the controversy see this NY Times article and my post from earlier this week.

Michelle Malkin has a good roundup of commentary.

Update: The NYT story linked above deals largely with the anti-Catholic sentiment in some of Marcotte’s blogging. Kathryn Jean Lopez had much more at The Corner.

If you have not already watched Michelle Malkin’s performance of some of Marcotte’s work, check it out now.

Update II: Pam Spaulding blogging at Pandagon says that the Edwards bloggers were “swiftboated” and smeared and that the Edwards campaign should not have caved in to the rightwingers. If “swiftboating” means getting the truth out to the public, then Marcotte was swiftboated, but liberals using that term generally use it to describe a coordinated smear campaign. If Marcotte’s blog post had been fabricated by political opponents (ala Mary Mapes’ magic memos) or misinterpreted, that would be one thing. Many of those blog posts speak for themselves though. Just take a look at the one Michelle Malkin read from in the link above and it is apparent that Edwards could not have the person who wrote those words out representing his campaign in any public way. He made a big mistake by not vetting before hiring and at this point he had little choice but to “cave.” (On a personal note, I met Pam Spaulding in DC on election night and though I don’t agree with her on many subjects, she was very nice to me. We were on the same flight back to Raleigh and when I got on the wrong parking shuttle, not realizing there were now two separate lines, she not only didn’t laugh at me, but she didn’t make fun of me in her blog for it either. Navigation is not my strong suit.)

Regarding Pam’s post, it will be interesting to see if there is any fallout in the left blogosphere over the firing.

Update III:
Iowahawk has uncovered the Pandagon Papers.

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