I think I like this idea…

…but I’m going to have to give it some more thought.

This is the kind of legal tactic I wish my fellow gay marriage supporters (er… “supporters of gay marriage,” not “gay supporters of marriage” — not that there’s anything wrong with that) would take up more often. It goes directly at the heart of one of our opponents’ arguments, in a way that perfectly addresses their STATED position. This gives the other side the choice of accepting the logical extension of their arguments, or having to admit that their agenda isn’t what they have been saying it is.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a quibble or two, or at least a suggestion. Instead of locking in a three-year deadline for couples to have children, I’d make a fertility test part of the requirements for a marriage license, along with an Affidavit Of Intent To Reproduce.

If they can prove that they’re willing and able to have children, then let them get married. If not, then tough rocks — let them get their own “civil union” and see how THEY like it.

This does mean that, after a certain operation I chose to have a few years ago, I won’t be eligible to get hitched, but it’s a sacrifice I guess I’ll just have to make in defense of my principles.

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