A rather graceless message from the guy whose prayers begin "to whom it may concern…"

As I’ve said before numerously, I am an agnostic. I tend to doubt the existence of a higher power, but I lack the certainty to proclaim myself an atheist. I ascribe to no belief system that depends on a supreme being, but simply try to live my life by my own moral standard, doing what I determine to be the right and decent thing in each situation. I don’t succeed at it as often as I wish, but that’s a fairly common failing among us humans.

That being said, I read my colleague DJ Drummond’s piece about Grace and kind of shrugged it off. It was well-written, sincere, profound, intensely personal, and didn’t reach me in the least.

But that didn’t keep several of the regular asshats here from chiming in. Yes, BarneyG2000, nogo postal, Herman, and John, I am referring to you.

Here at Wizbang, we pride ourselves on our tolerance, our openness. I don’t know of any other blog with anywhere near our popularity that accepts comments, doesn’t require registration, and so seldom bans commenters. We put up with a hell of a lot, because we believe in certain principles. Alan Dershowitz said it best, as far as I’m concerned: the best antidote to “bad speech” is “more speech.”

But that open invitation into our virtual home here does not grant anyone permission to drop trou and leave a steaming pile on our dining room table.

Last fall, I wrote a similarly-themed piece, about how some very dear friends of mine had lost parents in the immediate past. And immediately one of the resident trolls — “muirgeo” — siezed upon the opportunity to engage in partisan bashing. I asked and warned him to stop it. He persisted. He, in effect, pissed all over my dear friends’ times of grief in his mindless hatred and partisanship.

So I took out Olaf’s Troll Hammer that Kevin has entrusted me with, and I banned his ass. I did so without a moment’s hesitation, and without a hint of regret since.

Now the very same thing is happening, but this time it is not a friend of mine. It is a colleague, a fellow poster here at Wizbang.

As I said before, I tend to be far more protective of others than of myself. (It’s part of my odd little self-made ethos.) What those four trolls have done is something I would most likely shrug off if was aimed at me.

But it isn’t.

BarneyG2000, nogo postal, Herman, John, consider this your warning. There were a couple of other threads posted today where you could have made your points about Iraq. My own piece about Lt. Watada comes to mind. There was absolutely no call for what you did, you miserable, worthless pieces of shit.

Your choices are simple:

1) You can voluntarily leave this site.
2) You can take this warning to heart and behave yourselves in the future.
3) You can continue your behavior for a brief while, before I catch up with things and ban every IP you’ve ever posted from.

Regardless of your choice, if you have the slightest shred of human decency and compassion, you will offer your apologies to DJ. Judging by his piece, I suspect he might accept it. It would be in character for a good Christian, presuming your apologies were sincere, and DJ strikes me as someone who tries to live up to those standards.

Personally, I wouldn’t accept your apology. But that’s because I’m the site’s resident non-Christian. I have no inner compunction to forgive those who trespass against me.

Count your blessings that it wasn’t one of my pieces you pissed all over.

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