Media and Democrats Redefining the Term Cloture for Political Purposes

The media and the left are deliberately and completely mischaracterizing what happened with the anti-surge resolution in order to hurt the Republicans and help the Democrats, and it’s really underhanded and dishonest. The Associated Press is running a piece in which it is reporting that the Republicans are limiting debate on the anti-surge resolution by preventing a cloture vote.

Republicans blocked a full-fledged Senate debate over Iraq on Monday, but Democrats vowed to find a way to force President Bush to change course in a war that has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 U.S. troops.

The AP is, well, lying. Voting for cloture doesn’t encourage “full-fledged” debate; it limits the debate by forcing a final vote. By preventing a cloture vote, the Republicans are continuing the debate, not limiting it. The debate would actually stop by voting for cloture, not against it.

McQ at QandO has additional excerpts from other media outlets attempting to confuse the American people. He also expands on what the Democrats are actually doing:

Contrary to the implication of these “news” reports, the Democrats are attempting to end debate on a single resolution (and need 60 votes to do it) and force a vote on that single resolution without allowing others to be considered. By opposing cloture (which would stop debate), the Republicans are actually keeping debate open.

Or, said another way, Democrats want to prevent other resolutions from being considered. Republicans are attempting to keep debate open to force Democrats to consider and debate other resolutions and amendments.

Today the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of limiting debate by preventing a cloture vote when back in 2005, Harry Reid accused the Republicans of limiting debate by forcing a cloture vote:

“After keeping the Senate from debating the FY2006 Defense Authorization bill for more than 2 months, I was informed yesterday that the Majority Leader was going to file a motion to cut off Senate debate on this important legislation and all the critical issues it raises. “This news should be deeply troubling to all members of this body, our troops and their families, and every American who cares about the security of this country.

[…] “[I]f cloture is invoked, members of this body will be denied the opportunity to debate and vote on major issues like ensuring that our troops – active and retired – get the pay and benefits they have earned. No time to debate our course in Iraq.

[…] “As things stand now, if the Majority Leader proceeds with this motion, it is entirely possible that the Senate will vote to cut off debate on this legislation before we will even have had a vote on a single Democratic amendment. Let me repeat, it is possible we will have voted to cut off debate before we will have voted on a single Democratic amendment. We cannot find an instance when this has occurred.

“If the Majority Leader takes this action, those who support this motion are sending one message: they do not believe the Senate should debate the important national security issues that are very much on the minds of our troops, their families, and the American people.

So, no matter what the legislation or the resolution, the Dems and the media will always characterize the Republicans as limiting debate no matter what they do.

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