The squeaky wheel

Well, that explains a heck of a lot.

I found out why my internet connection was down. It seems that I made the mistake of moving into a building with a deadbeat, and they didn’t pay their bill, so naturally, Adelphia/Comcast did the correct and natural thing — and disconnected ME as an example.

And when I reported it on Thursday they said they’d schedule an appointment as soon as possible. That turned out to be next Thursday.

When I complained even louder on hearing that, they said they’d have someone here on Monday.

The technician just came by and re-hooked me up (and, presumably, pulled the RIGHT plug on the deadbeat).

Now that I have my internet connection AND my car back, my life might — MIGHT — just settle down into something I can laughingly call a “routine” and get back to blogging.

These past few days, with no internet, no TV, almost no cell phone, and (for several weeks until last Friday night) no car have convinced me that I will NEVER become a hermit. It lacks a certain ascetic appeal.

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