Monday Night "24" Thread — What is the Deal With Jack's Dad ?

At the “24” website, there is a poll up asking viewers:

Do you think Jack’s dad Phillip is a bad guy?

  • Yes, he’s in cahoots with Graem and faking.
  • No, he didn’t know what Graem was up to.

I don’t know whether he is or not. What I want to know is whether or not I am the only person unfamiliar with that particular spelling of Jack’s brother’s name.

Program note: Next week (Feb. 12) there are two back-to-back (they call them “Jack-to-Jack”) episodes.

Update: Did anyone else find the following line from next week’s preview of “24” really disturbing?

President Palmer: “Just one more nuke goes off, we’re talkin’ about war.”

What? Just one more nuke? Maybe the evil Vice President does need to step up and take out Palmer. I guess I will withhold judgment until next week. Maybe the line was completely out of context, but it was pretty amazing as a stand alone.

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