Another Misstep for Edwards

Recently I wrote about why I see John Edwards’ new monster mansion as a political liability and questioned Edwards’ political instincts if he does not recognize it as such. Now I am questioning whether or not his political liability radar is working at all. I should not be surprised to see Amanda Marcotte associated with the Edwards campaign considering the fact that Elizabeth Edwards confessed to being a reader of the Democratic Underground during the 2004 election, but I was anyway.

Michelle Malkin has an extensive post about Marcotte’s writing at Pandagon. I don’t read Pandagon, but Marcotte evidently read me (at least once anyway). I got off pretty easy though. I only got called stupid and had the “f-bomb” dropped once in her post linking me. My fellow North Carolinian Nathan Tabor must be doing a better job than I am because he got it with both barrels. Dan Riehl linked to this post and a quite a few others that I can’t imagine Edwards would be proud to be associated with his campaign. Why would Edwards hire someone who eschews civil political debate in favor of potty mouth rants? If his campaign did a simple Google search, or if they are only vaguely familiar with Pandagon, they have to be aware of that.

By the way, I use more profanity than I should myself, I frequent some bleep-worthy sites, and I think South Park, Carlos Mencia and some other comedians that employ the use of profanity are pure genious. (Heck, I married a Marine and learned all kinds of colorful phrases from him.) There is a difference, though, between laughing at a comedian or saying something you pray the kids didn’t overhear in traffic, and hiring someone known for profanity-laced blog posts to be a representative of a major presidential campaign. What the heck is he thinking?

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