Al Qaeda instructs British terror cells to start kidnapping and beheading people

British MI-5 agents discovered the plot last fall, which led to the arrest of the nine men who plotted to kidnap and behead British Muslim soldiers:

ISLAMIC terror cells in Britain have been instructed to carry out a series of kidnappings and beheadings of the kind allegedly planned by the nine terrorist suspects arrested in Birmingham last week.

The “strategic” assassination instruction was issued by Al-Qaeda’s leaders in Pakistan and Iraq to dozens of their followers in this country. It was uncovered by MI5 last autumn, senior security sources say.

As a result police are on standby for multiple attempts by terrorists to kidnap and then behead people across Britain. MI5 is conducting a counter-terrorism surveillance operation to prevent such an attack.

The alleged attempt to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier or soldiers in Birmingham was just the first of a series of planned attacks, security sources say.

The revelation explains the recent deployment of a permanent SAS unit to London. The unit has been placed on 24-hour standby to respond to a terrorist attack in the capital. It would aim to carry out a hostage rescue mission within minutes of being alerted.

Muslim police officers serving in London may also be given extra protection. The Association of Muslim Police is in talks with the Met, which is expected to carry out a risk assessment of the dangers.

One well placed source said: “Cells in the UK have been alerted to carry out this type of attack as opposed to the more sophisticated type of bombing in which you place a large number of volunteers at risk. All you need for a beheading is a bit of courage and a sharp knife.”

The order to encourage “low-tech” assassinations is said to follow a review by senior Al-Qaeda planners after an alleged plot to smuggle bombs onto airlines was foiled by police last August.

There has been so much infighting going on here in the US about the war in Iraq (the Dems call it debate) that it is not out of the realm of possibility that al Qaeda will issue similar orders to its sleeper cells here while those who are supposed to be protecting us are distracted. With the left and the media working overtime to weaken our citizens’ and leaders’ resolve to fight the war in Iraq, our country may in a tired enough and defeatist state to make it ripe for al Qaeda attacks.

Jules Crittendon sees the same possibility:

Reporting on the developments in the UK suggests the focus is on Muslims who collaborate with the hated Crusaders … Muslims who are British soldiers and cops. It is only a matter of time before they turn their attention to the United States and “low-tech” operations here. And it is only a matter of time before they expand their list of beheading candidates to other sectors of the population. The Times article also discusses plans for vehicle-borne fertilizer bombs. If you’ve grown numb to the horrific death toll in Baghdad marketplaces … 130 killed by a pickup truck bomb here, 65 killed by a car bomb there … think about one of those things coming through the glass doors of your local supermarket or mall.

All of which is another reason why it is important to keep al-Qaeda busy and to keep killing terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq … and to step up operations in Waziristan, local sensitivities notwithstanding.

Closer to home, the question is, are you ready for it? Do you think your local cops and the FBI are? The Brits have deployed the SAS. Do you figure we have sufficient counterterrorism forces ready to go?

The media and the Democrats have criticized and tried to shut down a number of Bush administration counterterrorism programs that gave our local authorities the ability to track and stop the terrorists communicating inside the US. Remember Harry Reid proudly announcing “we killed the Patriot Act“? Who exactly is the “we” that Reid is talking about? None other than Reid himself along with the other Democrats in the Senate. Let’s not forget the NYT, the Washington Post, USA Today, and other news outlets exposing and, therefore, making virtually useless the NSA terrorist surveillance program, the SWIFT money transfer program, the CIA prisons, and the telephone data bank. How are these folks going to explain themselves to the American people when, after al Qaeda successfully detonates a bomb at a grocery store or kidnaps and beheads Americans here on our soil, the American people demand to know why the US government didn’t know about the plot and stop it?

I’d like to expand on my previous comments and offer this scenario: President Bush has tried to use as many tactics as possible to prevent another terrorist attack on our country; however, the Democrats with the help of the willing media, threatened President Bush with censure and worse, impeachment, claiming that all he was interested in doing was curtailing American citizens’ civil rights. They accused him of lying to the American people; they compared him to Hitler and his policies to Nazism. But, someday if and/or when we are attacked by terrorists on American soil, these same Democrats along with willing media will accuse him of knowing about the attacks in advance and doing nothing to prevent it. They will then threaten Bush with impeachment, again, claiming that he failed to fulfill his duty to protect the American people, even though they, to this very day, have been the ones trying so hard to tie his hands behind his back in fight on the war on terror.

Little Green Footballs links to British tabloid article about the beheading plot that reports that al Qaeda told its terrorists that if they couldn’t find a British Muslim soldier that any “squaddie will do.”

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