NCSU (led by new Coach Sidney Lowe) Upsets UNC

I don’t much follow sports, but this story is just too sweet to ignore. N.C. State University, my alma mater, upset No. 3 ranked UNC-Chapel Hill tonight 83-79. To make it even sweeter, this was a historic win for new coach, Sidney Lowe.

The win was a major coup for head coach Sidney Lowe. North Carolina was the highest-ranked team a first-year Wolfpack coach has ever beaten. The last time a Wolfpack coach beat UNC in his first attempt was back in 1991, when Les Robinson was coaching.

On the street, it sounded like Wolfpack fans were ready to believe in Lowe.

“I’m glad (Lowe) got the win today against our rival,” Hicks said.

“He knows how much it means to these players, how this is going to be talked about the whole year round,” student Greg Milton said about Lowe, who himself played on N.C. State’s national championship team in 1983.

“He’s really brought the pride back to the Pack. We’re going to do really well from now on.”

Lowe was a member of Jim Valvano’s 1983 Cinderella team and must have brought some of that magic back home with him to the Wolfpack. A really good friend of mine, who also graduated from NCSU and at whose house I watched some of those great Valvano upsets, told me he almost hated to see Sidney Lowe take the head coaching job at State because he would likely be booted out when the team didn’t win enough games. He is a fan of Lowe and didn’t want to see him fail. If this is any indication, he might not have anything to worry about after all.

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