British Muslim Soldiers Agreed to Act as Bait to Capture Terrorists

These soldiers were unbelievably brave. It was a sting operation that could have gone horribly wrong:

The soldiers – who are not thought to have told their families that they were potential targets – were placed under unprecedented surveillance for weeks as officers waited for the terrorists to strike.

And as they tried to carry out their ordinary duties, the pair were aware that if the gang attempted to stage their abduction they could be attacked and bundled into a waiting vehicle at any time.

To prevent this, the security forces mounted a sophisticated surveillance operation.

In an operation reminiscent of a spy drama, their every move was monitored by a team of crack MI5 agents – linked to the soldiers by the latest in modern technology.


Their actions drew strong praise from senior security sources who said the soldiers showed “serious nerve” in the way they cooperated.

Incredibly, the two men carried on with their daily routines but were secretly shadowed around the clock by police and intelligence personnel, using high-technology tracking and bugging techniques. Surveillance teams kept a constant watch, looking for any sign of the plotters.

The two men were fitted with discreet tracking devices, with similar beacons attached to their cars, and armed response teams were on permanent standby to stage a rescue mission in case a kidnap plot was sprung.


One insider added: “It was a brave thing to do. Effectively they agreed to act as bait – like tethered goats – without any way of knowing how real the danger was. They had to trust the police.”

There has already been speculation that the men’s bravery being recognised with a medal or other award, although Army chiefs are anxious to keep their identities under wraps.

Hat tip to Allahpundit, who writes, “You want Muslims against terrorism, you got it. In spades.” Indeed.

Because these soldiers worked with the infidel police to capture the jihadis who wanted to behead them, they will be an even bigger and more hated target. Let’s just hope they as well as their families continue to receive police protection.

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