Mohammed Jamal Khalifa killed in Madagascar

Bill Roggio continues to do some incredible war reporting and now has some good news on the dead terrorist front.

Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, one of Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-laws with deep roots in al-Qaeda as a financier and facilitator, has been reported to have been murdered in his bedroom in Madagascar. Khalifa, “who mined and traded precious stones in Madagascar,” was reported to have been murdered by “a gang of 20 to 30 gunmen broke into his brother’s bedroom, shot him dead ‘in cold blood’ and stole his belongings.”

“I don’t think [his death] was politically motivated,” said Malek Khalifa, Mohammed Jamal’s brother. But Khalifa’s deep ties to al-Qaeda, coupled with his history of funding global terrorist operations, his operations in mining precious stones in Africa (a source of untraceable income), and the size of the ‘gang’ that murdered him, suggests otherwise. We suspect Khalifa was assassinated. “They stole everything — his computer, all of his things,” said Khalifa’s brother. Task Force 145 has a mandate to hunt down senior al-Qaeda operatives world wide, and is known to have operated in Pakistan to destroy Osama bin Laden’s Black Guard. Also, the U.S. recently deployed naval assets to the region, as well as Task Force 145, in the hunt for al-Qaeda and Islamic Courts leaders fleeing Somalia.Read the rest of Bill’s report at The Fourth Rail for Khalifa’s extensive history with al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism which “stretches as far back as the late 1980s, at the founding of the terrorist organization.”

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