Re-establishing my position around here

Earlier today, Kim posted a clip of a Weird Al Yankovic video. While I enjoyed seeing it again (I have it on DVD), I was also somewhat annoyed. You see, I have been a Weird Al fan ever since his second album. I have them all, as well as 3 DVDs (Live In Concert, Video Collection, and UHF). The thought of someone ELSE around her posting Weird Al stuff bugged me.

So I feel the need to assert myself, to confirm that I am, indeed, the TRUE NERD of the place and that I above all others am entitled to post Weird Al stuff.

The video below is from the same album, and it is — without a doubt — the most emblematic Weird Al song ever recorded. The sheer hawtness of the dancers and the two comics who have cameos are mere icing on the cake.

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