"They're awful — just take my word for it!"

Over the weekend, a diarist over at Kos reported back on his six-month study of right-wing blogs (RWBs). He looked at 10 blogs, and we were fortunate enough to make the list. And his conclusions… wow.

I barely recognized ourselves.

The list of allegations and incidents is disturbing, to say the least — and at the worst, downright frightening.

But I noticed something odd.

For all the charges and incidents and widespread abuses, the author didn’t offer the slightest shred of evidence.

No links, no quotes, not even any before-and-after screenshots showing the massive deletions and bannings he talked about.

I challenged the author — repeatedly — to give some proof, but he never bothered.

I’m not saying that what he says doesn’t happen. I’ve seen it — far more on the left than on any of the right sites that I read, but it does happen on both.

“Maccabee” was gracious in thanking me for my comments, but didn’t answer with evidence — or even explain why he didn’t offer any. He just expected his word to be accepted as gospel by the Faithful over there — and, judging by the overwhelming response, he was well justified in that expectation.

I was also surprised to be received mostly civilly over there. Quite frankly, it took a bit longer for the typical venom to emerge than I expected.

I don’t think I’ll participate on a regular basis (or even an irregular basis) over there, but I was surprised I haven’t been banned yet.

My only regret is that I spent so much time over there, instead of working on any pieces here.

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