The Consequences and the Clueless

There are far too many who do not realize the consequences that would result if we pulled out of Iraq now. I don’t even know what to say about the following quote from one of the protesters in D.C. this weekend. It just speaks for itself. From Spiritbuilders:

As the rest of the family explored the museum, I slipped out the back door onto the national mall and walked into the protest. Susan Sarandon was speaking. A man with a sign was standing next to me, and I asked him if he knew any soldiers. He didn’t. I told him my son is a soldier. There was no reply. We kept talking and the man’s wife joined us, I asked them what they thought would happen if we pulled out of Iraq, and they shrugged. I asked if they supposed many Iraqi’s would die, and they said they suppose they would. Then came the surprising part of the conversation…I asked if they thought it would be like Vietnam and the woman said she thought it would. So, I asked what happened in Vietnam after we left. She said: “They became all one country, and they were happy.” I said: “Interesting.” After a bit more talk, they simply walked away.

Yep, just one big happy country. Read the full post at Spiritbuilders.

Update: More on the protests at Human Events:

The sad scene on the Mall shows that the Left is incapable of parlaying the unpopularity of the Iraq War into a new, energetic anti-war movement. The ’60s radicals are active, but the movement just can’t get traction without young people. A good many of the older folks, I suspect, are not even motivated by politics so much as by a desire to recapture their youth. They break out the old slogans and the old songs, but these ring hollow to a younger generation.

“Hey hey, Uncle Sam! We remember Vietnam!” chanted one former flower child from the stage. The problem is, the youth don’t remember Vietnam. The old radicals are thus trying to entice the young into a movement that revolves around the sacred memory of events in which today’s young people played no part. The youth are essentially being asked to become second-class citizens in this movement, having to bow to the superior wisdom of those who fought the reactionary opposition back when it really mattered.

But the attempt to make the current war into a replay of Vietnam is failing quite dramatically. What’s missing is the key element that provoked many of the old radicals to oppose the Vietnam War in the first place: the draft. It wasn’t really the war per say that a lot of them opposed; it was the prospect of themselves actually having to go fight it. Lacking that impetus, the younger generation seems distinctly unimpressed by the urgency of ending a war fought so soon after the 9/11 attacks. Follow the link and read the rest of Jack Langer’s piece, especially the horrifying attack of the drum circle!

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