Well, that was brief…

Last Friday, I recovered the Golden Oldie (and Mr. Duckie) from the mechanics, GO complete with a brand-new engine. Well, an engine brand-new to GO — it was used.

I probably should have looked at the details on the warranty, but in the end it didn’t matter. Because the engine lasted less than 70 miles.

69.8, to be precise.

So I spent about 90 minutes sitting in a rapidly-chilling car along an interstate in temperatures around zero until the mechanic showed up and pronounced the engine well and truly dead. (Apparently a connecting rod went.)

They’re giving me another at no charge, but I’m once again car-less for a few more days. They also assured me that this is only the second bad engine they’ve gotten off their supplier in five years.

This is getting very damned inconvenient… and expensive…

And it’s raising hob with the REALLY important stuff — my blogging.

Stupid Yet Winning
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