Chris Matthews Is A Drooling Fool


For anyone who tapes MSNBC’s Hardball (which rules out most everyone), Chris Matthews got frothed at the mouth – literally – at 7:19PM Eastern, in discussing the Scooter Libby trial. Matthews did one split screen shot with NBC’s David Schuster with a giant trail of slobber slowly rolling down, then off, his chin.

This is pretty much what YouTube was made for… Let’s get some video on this, OK?

Update: Thanks to a helpful e-mail tipster we’ve now got the video…

The drooling starts, coincidentally, as Matthews talks about the Vice President’s office covering up the inquiry into the uranium purchases from Niger, and right before he throws it back to Schuster. When he reappears on camera (not shown), the spittle is magically gone. Imagine the production assistant who had the honor of cleaning up that mess…

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