24 — Jack's Brother Better Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Last week we learned that ER jerk surgeon and previous 24 season bad guy is Jack’s brother. That was quite a shocker. We also learned that Jack has a son. (Okay, that one is not official yet, but trust me.) The preview on my cable guide says that in tonight’s show there will be additional terrorist attacks. Jack better get to work on that brother of his quick before they blow up the whole country. Brother will be lucky if Jack only shoots him in the thigh. I think that lefty loony James Cromwell is supposed to make an appearance as Jack’s father. All the 24 action begins at 9:00 p.m. EST.

At 8:00 p.m. EST, my other favorite Fox serial thriller, Prison Break airs. That show never ceases to amaze me. The Vice President’s dead brother, who was not really dead, was killed last week. I think he is really dead now. Anyway, since the main character went to prison just to break his brother out who was on death row for killing the VP’s brother, I am wondering how the brother is going to be cleared now that the guy he supposedly killed is really dead now. Wow. That was confusing even if you watch the show.

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