The stakes are too high for irresponsible political posturing

Amen Bruce, amen.

I’ve heard those conservatives or to-now Iraq war supporters express their misgivings about the “surge.” Those misgivings, that lack of confidence, have strong grounds in the too often vacillating and confused course of our engagement.

Still, not only is there no alternative that doesn’t promise even worse outcomes, but the misgivings ignore the unavoidable problems of any war.

No, the “surge” is not a magic bullet. Indeed, far more is needed, all up and down the line from military to diplomatic force. But, it is having some important results, even now when just starting. We should be demanding the far more that is needed.

Instead, many are folding their tents and by their silence deserting into the night. Instead, the line must be held against the counterproductive various resolutions in Congress, which only work for politicians catering to weak will for their own personal interests in holding office, and which only serve the enemy that depends on surrenders and spinelessness in Washington for what they can’t and won’t achieve on the battlefield or in the hearts and minds of the locals.

Arguments for conscience and sense that neither serve conscience or sense, because they spell defeat and worse consequences, are smokescreens.

It’s that clear.Read it all and share with everyone you know. This is serious business. War policy and the consequences are much too serious for a bunch of spineless politicians to use for political positioning. The time has passed for such irresponsible foolishness. It is time to speak up and let those on Capitol Hill know we are paying attention and our patience has reached its limits.

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