The Importance of The Pledge

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about The Pledge and asked those of you who were in agreement with it to sign it and if you are a blogger to link to it as well. Bruce Kesler of Democracy Project wrote a post yesterday about the importance of The Pledge and why everyone who agrees with it needs to take a stand and demand that the Republicans in the Senate stop equivocating and do what is right for our country. His post is eloquently written and right on target, and I recommend everyone read it:

Equivocations and divisions do not work on the battlefield.

They only encourage adversaries to be more resolved and deadly, as we dissolve.

There comes a time to stand up. And, if you don’t, you are complicit with what happens.

The pledge to not support any Republican senators for re-election who vote for any of the weasely resolutions that to greater and lesser extent withhold full support for the surge is just such a time.

Some can try to justify such irresoluteness as politically expedient, in a time when many voters are either irresolute or opposed to winning, or as expressions of political conscience by senators who are unsure of results.

It cannot be justified. It is nothing less than completely irresponsible, as a senator, as a Republican, as an American.

Such resolutions have no other effect than to encourage our foes.

Sure, we agree with these senators on many other political issues, and would hate to see them replaced by even worse Democrats. But, the national security of the United States, and the defense of freedom, democracy and decency which the United States represents, are primary to everything else – taxes, education, roads. Primary, especially, to the comforts and powers of being in office, if this responsibility is not put above all others.

Read the rest of Bruce’s post. Then go sign The Pledge.

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