She led three lives

Judy Melody lived a remarkable, yet quiet life. She spent 14 years as a nun, then left the order to become a teacher. There she spent 28 years, before retiring. And in the last few years, she’s dabbled in real estate.

That last bit was news to her.

It seems some identity thieves got their hands on her information and started doing real estate deals in her name. They “flipped” quite a few properties for a tidy profit, even recruiting a woman to impersonate her for signings and the like.

Their clever scheme unraveled when a mortgage company called to ask her about her house in Brockton, Massachusetts. She insisted that they must have the wrong person, but when they read off all her private info — including her Social Security number — she suddenly realized she had been taken.

The police set up a phony “closing” and nabbed the bandits when they pulled the “one con too many” and went after Melody’s actual home, where she lived.

There’s an old saying: pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. I suspect that they got an inkling that their scam might be coming apart, they tried to pull one last “big job” before running. If they’d just run first, they might have stayed free to try it again.

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