My take on the State Of The Union Address

I got home late from work last night, and put on the SOTU. Here are my thoughts on the speech, for anyone who cares:

1) Boy, a lot of Bush’s most staunch critics are real eager to shake his hand when the TV cameras are on them. Was that Dennis Kucinich?

2) Bush was very gracious to the Democrats, singling out Pelosi for special recognition and praise, then acknowledging their electoral triumphs. Say what you want about the guy, his momma brung him up right when it comes to events like this.

3) OK, who was the comedian who stuck Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama so close to each other?

4) Here comes the laundry list.

5) More laundry.

6) Make that a wish list. Bush reminds me of kids thumbing through the old Sears catalogs.

7) I gotta get up at 4:00 for work tomorrow. I’m going to bed.

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