Jerrold Nadler is Shameless

According to him, the true villains are the Bush Administration and Rudy Guiliani.

A furious Rep. Jerrold Nadler branded President Bush, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg 9/11 villains for their treatment of Ground Zero workers.

“The villains are no longer the terrorists,” Nadler said yesterday at a news conference in Washington.

“The villains live in the White House and in Gracie Mansion, or at least lived in Gracie Mansion in the last administration, and in the governor’s office.”

During an interview with the Daily News, Nadler (D-Manhattan) blamed the Bush administration for lying to the public about environmental conditions in lower Manhattan, blamed Giuliani for failing to protect Ground Zero rescue workers and blamed Bloomberg for failing to help workers who are dying today.

Asked specifically about his criticism of Giuliani, Nadler said, “Somebody in the Giuliani administration made a decision not to apply the OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] laws.

“It was more important to get it cleaned up quickly than to make sure that the people who worked there worked under safe conditions,” he said.

Allahpundit speculates that Nadler’s staff is writing a clarification right now explaining that he was taken out of context. I have a feeling Nadler won’t back down but will instead pile on. He will take a look at the President’s latest poll numbers from CBS that say Bush has an approval rating that is at Nixonian levels (which I don’t buy) and stick with what he said because he thinks it’s politically safe to do so. I could be wrong of course.

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