"'If this is how you support us…" (or Blinky's Secret Message)

The following was sent to me by someone who asked to be identified as “an offended and angry
MilBlogger, offended that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives sat silent on a call to victory in Iraq yet stood in ovation at the call to support the troops, who says, “If this is how you support us, please, just *&^%ing stop.”

Wire Services…

The Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will release a press statement later today affirming that she supports the troops in such a bipartisan manner that what she was actually doing was communicating with Senator John McCain in his native Morse code. “Speaker Pelosi loves veterans after all, and has a special less-cold place in her heart for POW’s. And what better way to forge that special bond than by honoring Admiral Jeremiah Denton during a Presidential Address,” sources quote from the text. In fact, it will be revealed, she remained seated during the call for victory only to maintain eye contact with him and continue to convey her unwavering support, both for him and for all American servicemen everywhere in service to this nation. “United We Stand.”

I know that Jay Tea posted a piece this week about making fun of people’s names, and how unfair it was since the names were chosen by parents and were no fault of the unfortunate individuals strapped with the names. I wonder if that extends to the nickname Blinky?

Update: El Rider has an explanation of the Jeremiah Denton reference for those not familiar with the story.

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