Why Congress Is Rarely The Solution

Uncle Jimbo put into words something I am sure a lot of people are feeling and thinking.

No matter what is said, who applauds, who abstains, none of these weasels are able to overcome their own weakness and the inertia of our system. They will not work together, they will sway with the polls, they will waste most of every dollar they spend, they are a force of idiocracy, not good.

Our entire way of life is actively under attack by tens, maybe hundreds of millions of Muslim nuttahs and yet we are unable to maintain our stones after several thousands deaths in this war?

FFS people, we are living more prosperously than, oh say 99.99999999999999999% of all humans ever. We have lost an understanding of how different the lives of most other earthlings are. We are so coddled, we require instant victory and lack the fortitude to endure discomfort, let alone actual sacrifice. I do not minimize the sacrifice, or loss of those who have been affected by these efforts, but in context they are small next to the goals and dangers.

A good look at our Congress reminds me why they are hardly an answer to any big problem. W is not much, even as a figurehead, but he’s all we’ve got. I have some hope for a military win, only because the alternative is a loss that will cripple us for decades and so we must prevail.

So F**k Congress! They will not take the high road, they will maneuver politically and place their own ambitions above our country’s good, too many in both parties. We have a Commander in Chief for a damn good reason, 500 blithering idiots guarantees failure, at least with one decent plan vigorously executed we have a chance to win.
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