Thoughts on the SOTU

My thoughts and reactions to the SOTU:

Those were very nice things that he said about Nancy Pelosi. I can tell that she’s really uncomfortable with Bush saying such ridiculously nice stuff about her.

The Dems just sat on their hands as Bush congratulated them.

Great job growth, inflation low, unemployment low.. As he goes on with all the good news, Nancy’s face gets more and more sullen.

Balance budget without raising taxes. The Dems don’t like that one.

Earmarks: expose them and cut them at least in half by the end of this session.

Fix Medicare and Medicaid.

NCLB – students are performing better in reading and math. He wants in reauthorized. The congress doesn’t sound too excited.

Here’s the part about health care. Nancy pursed her lips at the standard deduction part.

I like medical liability reform. Law suits are driving out ObGyns. But it won’t happen.

We’re too dependent on foreign oil. Hybrid vehicles don’t excite me. Nuclear power does.

The 20 in 10 line got a standing ovation. But there really wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm. Increase supply of alternative fuels. Senator Grassley got really excited about the idea of a mandatory fuel standard to require 35 billion gallons of renewable fuel by 2017.

Give judicial nominees fair hearing and up or down vote. The Dems refuse to clap.

The War on Terror – take the fight to the enemy. A standing ‘O’ and number of whistles. Nancy really looks uncomfortable now.

We uncovered all kinds of al Qaeda plots and we owe a debt thanks to those who put their lives at risk to stop these plots. Nancy jumped out of her seat at that one.

Hillary looks like she’s about to fall asleep.

The best, and most accurate, line of the night so far:

“In the six years since we have been attacked on September 11, and I wish I could report to you that the dangers have ended. They have not. And so it remains the policy of this government to use the every lawful and proper tool of intelligence, diplomacy, law enforcement, and military action to do our duty to find these enemies and to protect the American people.”

“Free people aren’t drawn to malignant ideologies…We must build free societies for our security.” I agree with him on this one.

I like what he said about turning ourselves toward victory in Iraq. Again, the Dems show how they feel about victory in Iraq. They sat there and did nothing.

America must succeed in the Middle East and in Iraq. Don’t the Dems understand how they look when they sit there with scowls on their faces when he speaks of victory?

I like what he said: I know some of us disagree on our policy in Iraq. What ever you voted for, you didn’t vote for defeat. Give this new plan a chance and support our troops.

Increase Army and Marine Corps by 92,000 in five years.

His civilian voluntary reserves sounds interesting.

The handsome man from the Congo sitting next to the First Lady is sooo tall! Basketball player?

My daughter loves the Baby Einstein DVD’s. Julie Agner-Clark is teaming up with John Walsh to help protect kids.

Wesley Autry was honored. What a good man. He’s the one who saved the kid who had a seizure from an oncoming train.

Sgt. Tommy Reman, a soldier in Iraq awarded the Silver Star for protecting his gunner from attack. He took a bullet in the chest and kept going. I’d like to see more men and women like Sgt. Tommy Reman celebrated.

Bush ends with this sentiment: This courage and character is the spirit and character of America. America is a decent and honorable country. And it is resilient, too. We’ve been through a lot and we can face the dangers ahead of us. We can go forward with confidence because the state of our union is strong and our cause in the world is right and tonight that cause goes on.

I thought he had a strong ending, emotional, but not sappy. It was inspiring without being manipulative.

Someone asked me if I hate Nancy Pelosi. I don’t hate her at all. I don’t know her. But I am diametrically opposed to virtually all her positions and will fight her tooth and nail if I think what she wants is bad for this country. My comments about the Dems were more out of disgust and frustration because they look like they don’t like their own country. I think they do, I hope they do, but when they sit on their hands with scowls on their faces, they look terrible.

Update: Here’s the Democrat response. One question: Is that really his voice? It sounds like he’s trying to make his voice deeper.

At least the Dems got a guy without a really distracting characteristic this time.

Geez, this guy is really full of himself.

He’s insinuating the President Bush doesn’t care about the troops, that he willy- nilly throws our troops into harms way without any regard for their lives and their sacrifice.

I like John Hawkins‘ interpretation of Webb’s response:

(10:16) There are two big differences between Democrats and Republicans. We like socialism, Republicans oppose socialism. Republicans want to fight terrorism, we do not.

(10:18) The proletariat realizes that the bourgeoisie is robbing them blind and only by giving the workers power through the Democrats, can we level the playing field.

(10:20) My family and I served in the military, so when I say to surrender to Al-Qaeda in Iraq, you can trust me!

(10:21) The President recklessly took us into this war. No one wanted to go except him (And the majority of Democrats in the Senate).

(10:22) We’ve got to move forward in the war on terror by surrendering — strongly!

(10:23) Oh good grief, now he’s comparing today’s situation to when the robber barons and monopolies were running industries.

(10:23) Dwight Eisenhower didn’t cut and run in Korea, despite what Webb seems to think.

Update II: The AP’s Jennifer Loven had an anti-Bush, post-SOTU piece out just 15 minutes after the speech. Mary Katharine slices and dices it.

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