Know your enemy

Saturday night, Fox News ran a special investigation into the discovery and breaking up of a Hezballah terrorist cell in the United States. Hezballah operatives were raising money by smuggling cigarettes from North Carolina into Michigan, evading Michigan’s very high taxes on tobacco. The money raised was partly sent straight to Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria, the rest was used to buy weapons and paramilitary gear both here and in Canada for export to Hezballah.

It must be noted that the Hezballah operatives arrested were not charged with planning or assisting in any terrorist attacks here in the United States, and there was no evidence whatsoever that they intended such. Their mission was purely a supply one — obtaining money, weapons, and equipment to use in the Middle East.

During the course of the report, they repeated something that I occasionally forget — that as of September 10, 2001, Hezballah had killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization. They killed 241 American Marines and Sailors in Beirut in 1983. They kidnapped dozens of Americans in Lebanon, torturing and killing several — including the CIA bureau chief. They hijacked an airliner and murdered US Navy diver Robert Stethem. They blew up two Jewish targets in Argentina, killing over 100. They triggered the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon. And I’ve barely scratched the surface of the misdeeds of Hezballah.

But Hezballah is not the enemy.

Al Qaeda has waged war against the United States for over a dozen years. They tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. They nearly sank the USS Cole. They killed hundreds in attacks on two of our embassies in Africa. And in 2001, they took the crown from Hezballah in “killing Americans.”

But Al Qaeda is not the enemy.

Hamas and Fatah are the two leading Palestinian terrorist organizations. They are currently in a struggle to see which can claim to be the “legitimate” government of the Palestinians. Hamas has killed dozens of Americans over its history, as has Fatah. In fact, Fatah (in its prior incarnation as the Palestinian Liberation Organization) had deliberately assassinated two United States diplomats, on the direct orders of Yassir Arafat (Nobel Peace Prize Winner Emeritus).

But Hamas and Fatah are not the enemy.

All these groups are part of the enemy. They are heads of the hydra, and that hydra is militant Islam.

I’ve said some very unpleasant things about militant Islam. I cited its standing as the only major religion that treats apostasy (leaving the faith) as a capital offense, and called it “the Roach Motel of religions.”

A while ago, while calling in to the always-worthwhile Pundit Review radio show, I compared Islam to alcohol — “some people can handle it, some can’t.” At that time, I censored myself. I wanted to quite Marx’s aphorism that “religion is the opiate of the masses” and expound on it, comparing Islam to a more potent and more addictive substances, but I restrained myself.

A third, vile comparison has come to me.

One of the tenets of militant Islam is the division of the world into two hemispheres — Dar Al-Islam and Dar Al Harb, or The House Of Islam and the House Of War. This is also summed up as “the part of the world that abides by Islam now” and “the part of the world that will be conquered by Islam.”

Another of the tenets of militant Islam is that once an area is governed by Islam, it is Islamic land for ever. We see that in Spain, where the Moors were driven out by the Spaniards. The return of Al Andalus is a frequent call of the radicals.

This was rammed home with ruthless clarity during the Pope’s trip to Turkey last year. He visited the Ayasofya Museum in Istanbul. Prior to 1935, the building was a mosque. And prior to that, it was the Hagia Sophia.

The Hagia Sophia had been a Christian church for over 900 years. It had even served as the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

But in 1453, it was conquered by Muslims and made into a mosque.

The Pope was allowed to visit the Hagia Sophia, but was warned that he was not to pray, not to genuflect, not to do anything to acknowledge the building’s history as one of Christianity’s most important sites. Once the building was made into a mosque, all its prior history was wiped clean and made irrelevant. It had become Muslim, and like converts, it is not allowed to go back.

In that sense, it seems that militant Islam treats its faith like AIDS. Once it has “infected” a place, there is no cure.

This is what we face. This is our future, as written by the Islamists.

I firmly believe that it will never happen, that the attempt to bring the United States and the rest of the world under the brutal heel of militant Islam is doomed to failure.

But I fear the butcher’s bill we will have to pay to prevent it.

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