24 and Prison Break Tonight

Two of my favorite shows on television are now on the same night. Prison Break returns to join “24” on Monday nights on Fox. If you have not watched Prison Break before, you might want to see about renting the first season on DVD. I can’t imagine catching up on that one without seeing the earlier episodes. It is a great show, but you have to suspend disbelief in a big way to enjoy it. Wentworth Miller’s character, with the coolest tattoo on earth, is really compelling and the plot twists are every bit as exciting and unexpected as those on “24.”

Consider this your “24” open discussion thread. Last Monday night was sad because Jack had to shoot Curtis. (I don’t know why he couldn’t just shoot him in the thigh.) It wasn’t unexpected though. I figured something had to happen to Curtis before Ricky Schroder could come on board, but it was sad just the same. As if shooting Curtis wasn’t sad enough, a nuclear bomb detonated before CTU could locate it, so I am sure we will hear some pretty nasty body counts tonight. If the intel gained from the detention facility is correct, there are four more bombs out there to find. And there is no time! Poor Jack is battered, physically and emotionally, but there is no doubt that he will step up when his country needs him. Anyone have any guesses about where those other bombs might be located? They can’t be too far away or much of the 24 hours will be eaten by travel time. I look forward to reading your comments tonight.

Jay Tea adds: Of course, the REALLY cool kids will be watching “How I Met Your Mother” and “Heroes” tonight.

Jack who?

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