The Left's Prepared Response to President Bush's State of the Union Address

Even though the president hasn’t even given his SOTU address yet, the leftist group Emergency Coalition for America’s Priorities, a coalition of several leftist organizations such as the AFL-CIO,, Planned Parenthood, and others, already has its response ready to go. Liz Mair at GOP Progress was given a copy of ECAP’s press release that outlines its response to President Bush’s not yet given SOTU address. Nothing new here: the left is set to bash the economy.

ECAP RESPONSE TO THE STATE OF THE UNIION “First Things First, Mr. President”

City, State – In his State of the Union, President Bush demonstrated just how out of touch he is with mainstream America. By declaring the state of our economy as strong, he must have been thinking only of his friends making over $200,000 who have been benefiting from his tax cuts and forgetting how in the process he exploded the deficit and left many Americans behind.

While touting our economy, Bush failed to mention that since he took office, the median household income has dropped leaving the middle class worse off and that under his watch the number of Americans are living in poverty has grown to 37 million. Instead of focusing on the overall economy, Bush established irresponsible tax cuts primarily benefiting millionaires.

No matter what President Bush has to say, the left is already prepared to bash him. Read the rest of press release at GOP Progress.

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